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“I look forward to seeing EduTutorVA’s expansion across the Commonwealth and the growth of programs similar to EduTutorVA to bring high-impact, individualized tutoring to students in need across the country.” - Senator Mark Warner, Honorary Chair, EduTutor


EduTutorVA is a tutoring program based on educational research. Aligned with NWEA (formerly the Northwest Education Association) which is a well-respected testing and assessment company, EduTutor's work will employ data based practices. We plan to tutor students by using the MAP test results which will pinpoint their particular learning deficits. We will then attack those needs through research approved strategies. George Mason University's education professors will guide the college students in using the most appropriate and effective learning approaches. Lessons by tutors will be monitored and evaluated and adjusted for student success to get them to grade level and on a path to be college ready.

This model is designed to be scalable, not only to local school districts but also to school districts throughout our state. Although we have begun in Northern Virginia, we have already made outreach to other parts of the state, including the areas where we could easily team up with state and Historic Black Colleges and Universities. We have fielded interest calls from educational personnel from Richmond, Charlottesville, and the Hamptons area. The learning gap -- indeed canyon -- exposed by the pandemic is a state and national educational crisis.


Our Board of Directors and our Advisory Board are both composed of business, education, and government leaders who bring a keen interest in helping the under-served population. We are diverse in our own backgrounds and experiences, but we come together to directly address the needs of our most vulnerable students and to improve the teacher pipeline from colleges and universities to the classroom. 

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