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The massive educational disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic widened the already alarming gaps of students who do not meet grade level expectations in Virginia. EduTutorVA provides -- at no cost to schools or families --  virtual small-group tutoring by trained college students and alumni.  The students receive targeted, consistent support in the core academic areas of reading and math, and our diverse tutors receive a positive introduction to the teaching profession.


  • We believe that consistent, targeted tutoring helps all students achieve and ensures a more equitable recovery from COVID-19 and beyond. 

  • We believe that a clear focus on educational equity is required to address the barriers of poverty and structural racism. 

  • We believe that students will make academic gains from a research-based program of high-impact virtual tutoring.

  • We believe educators and the local community, including business partners,  have a shared responsibility to provide each student with opportunities for educational success.

  • We believe partnerships and collaboration with public schools, state universities, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) will strengthen and diversify the future teaching corps.

  • We believe it is essential to have an educator workforce that reflects the diversity of the students and communities they serve.

  • We believe our targeted program can offer our college tutors a positive introduction to the teaching profession by giving them an early opportunity to work directly with students currently performing below grade level.

  • We believe that EduTutorVA is a scalable and sustainable model for the future.

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